Sunday, April 4, 2010

Elimination + Task 7

Again! Gee,We`re On A Roll.Anyway,I Won`t Get Too Mad,I Can`t Force Anyone Into Doing Their Task.
So Let`s Get Straight To The Point.


Task Winner : .pease. -Click HERE To See Linnea`s Amazing Work On Her Collection,Nusse [I Apologize,There`s An Accent On The E,But My Keyboard Is Putting Up A Fight.] I Just Loved The Sheer Couture Touch To The Amazing Black Collection.

2.countrygurl102 - What Great Details! Classic Concept,Packed With Little Things That Made The Difference.

3.Aharper1243 - What A Concept! Loved Your Work.:]

4. Sweet_gal11 - I Loved Certain Parts Of Your Scenery,Especially The Flowy White Skirt And Fitted Silver Dress.The Medoll Really Matched Too!

5. GimmeBirger - You Can Do So Much Better! I Gave Lots Of Time For This Challenge,I`d Have Liked To See Something A Little Less Rushed.But,You`ve At Least Taken The Time To Apologize,And Do The Task,So You Are Still Part Of EbonyModels.

6.tigre89 - Sadly,You Haven`t Done The Task Again.I Noticed You`ve Been Online More Lately,So Your Scenery Should Be Made.

7. iSeeme - You`ve Just Flat Out Not Been Online,So I Understand That This Is Probably Not The Best Time To Have You In A Modelling Competition.

Both Of You Girls Are Great Models,And I Really Encourage All Of You To Take Part In Modelling,You Show So Much Potential.:D


Hello Girls! This Is Always My Favorite Part Of The Competition,Where Everyone Works Extremely Hard To Be Part Of Top Girls In The Competition.Yayy! :]] Your Task This Week Will Be To Portray Movement,Which Is Extremely Hard To Do On A 2D Surface Like A Computer Screen.But It`s Been Done Before.

It Can Be Your MeDoll Walking,Dancing,Swimming,Falling,Climbing,Diving Or Even Sneezing.In This Task,It`s The Pose And Expression That Counts For The Most,So I Suggest You Practice A Few Times Before Making This Scenery.Think About The Clothing And Hair Too.If You`re Falling And Wearing A Flowing Dress,Make Sure The Dress Moves .Same Goes For The Hair.

I Really Can`t Wait To See These Sceneries,I Hope Everyone Will Try Their Best.:D




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