Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elimination + Task 8

Yay! Everyone Did The Task.=D

Anyways,Let`s Get Straight To The Point...

TASK WINNER - Aharper1243 - Fantastic! Great Pose,Great Concept,Great Outfit.Both Me And Aba Loved It,And Even Your Hair Couldn`t Move You Down,

2. Sweet_gal11 - Beautiful,But Too Simple To Be First.Good Job Anyway!

3..pease. - Gorgeous Outfit,Great Thinking,Great Pose.But Unfortunately The Hair Wasn`t Cooperating.It Was Still Beautiful,And It`s Okay To Make Minor Mistakes.

4.countrygurl102 - *Sigh*... I Loved This Scenery When It Came To Pose And Concept,But Sadly,The Spotlight Just Washed The Shine Away,

5.GimmeBirger - I Really Think You Need To Work On Posing And Scenery Cleanliness.I Saw So Much Potential,But That Potential Is Kind Of...Trapped.I Encourage You To Continue On,Practice,Practice,Practice.You`re Fantastic,You Just Need Practice.


Will Be Posted As Soon As Possible.=]

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