Saturday, April 24, 2010

Task 8 Results + Task 9 (FINALS)

Challenge Winner : Linnea,With Her Scenery About Athena.


3. Harper

4. Stefanie,I`m So Incredibly Sorry Stef,But It Wasn`t Top Of The Line Compared To What Everyone Else Did This Challenge.But You`ve Gotten To The Semi-Finals,That`s Something To Be Proud Of.Keep On Shining.=]

FINAL TASK ( 9th )

Hello Linnea,Harper & Deckonti! You Should Be Pretty Proud Right Now,
Because Two Of You Will Be Becoming Either The Cycle 3 Winner Or Runner-Up. 

This Task Will Be Divided Into Two Segments,Which You Will Have Exactly Two Weeks (Fourteen Days)

To Finish.As I Will Be Becoming Non Superstar Fifteen Days From Now,It`s Important To Be Efficient. 

If You`re Late,It Simply Means You Won`t Be In The Top Two. No Exceptions.


Covergirl Ads! You Will Be Creating A Fresh,Simple Advertisement For A SUMMER PRODUCT

From Covergirl. You Will Also Be Creating An Advertisement Script.

(What The Model Says During A TV Ad.)

Pretty Simple,Eh?

But,However,Your Poses Must Be TOP OF THE LINE.

Your Outfits Must Be TOP OF THE LINE.

Your Makeup Must Be TOP OF THE LINE.


For The Second Task,You`ll Be Writing A Text About

Why Winning EbonyModels Is So Important To You.Your Text Doesn`t

Have To Be Perfect,Just Unique And Readable.


Saturday, April 17, 2010


Congratulations Top Four!

Your Task This Week Will Be To Portray A Greek Goddess.

Harper - Aphrodite

Stefani - Persephone

Linnea -  Athena

Deckonti - Gaia

I`m Expecting Sceneries Packed With Detail,As Was Greek Mythology.
I Suggest Researching Before Drafting
 Your Concept Since These Goddesses All Have Complicated Backgrounds.

Work Your Hardest Girls,These Last Three Tasks Determine Who Wins The Competition.

The Prizes Have Not Been Determined Yet,But They Will Be Pretty Darn Great. :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elimination + Task 8

Yay! Everyone Did The Task.=D

Anyways,Let`s Get Straight To The Point...

TASK WINNER - Aharper1243 - Fantastic! Great Pose,Great Concept,Great Outfit.Both Me And Aba Loved It,And Even Your Hair Couldn`t Move You Down,

2. Sweet_gal11 - Beautiful,But Too Simple To Be First.Good Job Anyway!

3..pease. - Gorgeous Outfit,Great Thinking,Great Pose.But Unfortunately The Hair Wasn`t Cooperating.It Was Still Beautiful,And It`s Okay To Make Minor Mistakes.

4.countrygurl102 - *Sigh*... I Loved This Scenery When It Came To Pose And Concept,But Sadly,The Spotlight Just Washed The Shine Away,

5.GimmeBirger - I Really Think You Need To Work On Posing And Scenery Cleanliness.I Saw So Much Potential,But That Potential Is Kind Of...Trapped.I Encourage You To Continue On,Practice,Practice,Practice.You`re Fantastic,You Just Need Practice.


Will Be Posted As Soon As Possible.=]

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Elimination + Task 7

Again! Gee,We`re On A Roll.Anyway,I Won`t Get Too Mad,I Can`t Force Anyone Into Doing Their Task.
So Let`s Get Straight To The Point.


Task Winner : .pease. -Click HERE To See Linnea`s Amazing Work On Her Collection,Nusse [I Apologize,There`s An Accent On The E,But My Keyboard Is Putting Up A Fight.] I Just Loved The Sheer Couture Touch To The Amazing Black Collection.

2.countrygurl102 - What Great Details! Classic Concept,Packed With Little Things That Made The Difference.

3.Aharper1243 - What A Concept! Loved Your Work.:]

4. Sweet_gal11 - I Loved Certain Parts Of Your Scenery,Especially The Flowy White Skirt And Fitted Silver Dress.The Medoll Really Matched Too!

5. GimmeBirger - You Can Do So Much Better! I Gave Lots Of Time For This Challenge,I`d Have Liked To See Something A Little Less Rushed.But,You`ve At Least Taken The Time To Apologize,And Do The Task,So You Are Still Part Of EbonyModels.

6.tigre89 - Sadly,You Haven`t Done The Task Again.I Noticed You`ve Been Online More Lately,So Your Scenery Should Be Made.

7. iSeeme - You`ve Just Flat Out Not Been Online,So I Understand That This Is Probably Not The Best Time To Have You In A Modelling Competition.

Both Of You Girls Are Great Models,And I Really Encourage All Of You To Take Part In Modelling,You Show So Much Potential.:D


Hello Girls! This Is Always My Favorite Part Of The Competition,Where Everyone Works Extremely Hard To Be Part Of Top Girls In The Competition.Yayy! :]] Your Task This Week Will Be To Portray Movement,Which Is Extremely Hard To Do On A 2D Surface Like A Computer Screen.But It`s Been Done Before.

It Can Be Your MeDoll Walking,Dancing,Swimming,Falling,Climbing,Diving Or Even Sneezing.In This Task,It`s The Pose And Expression That Counts For The Most,So I Suggest You Practice A Few Times Before Making This Scenery.Think About The Clothing And Hair Too.If You`re Falling And Wearing A Flowing Dress,Make Sure The Dress Moves .Same Goes For The Hair.

I Really Can`t Wait To See These Sceneries,I Hope Everyone Will Try Their Best.:D