Saturday, April 24, 2010

Task 8 Results + Task 9 (FINALS)

Challenge Winner : Linnea,With Her Scenery About Athena.


3. Harper

4. Stefanie,I`m So Incredibly Sorry Stef,But It Wasn`t Top Of The Line Compared To What Everyone Else Did This Challenge.But You`ve Gotten To The Semi-Finals,That`s Something To Be Proud Of.Keep On Shining.=]

FINAL TASK ( 9th )

Hello Linnea,Harper & Deckonti! You Should Be Pretty Proud Right Now,
Because Two Of You Will Be Becoming Either The Cycle 3 Winner Or Runner-Up. 

This Task Will Be Divided Into Two Segments,Which You Will Have Exactly Two Weeks (Fourteen Days)

To Finish.As I Will Be Becoming Non Superstar Fifteen Days From Now,It`s Important To Be Efficient. 

If You`re Late,It Simply Means You Won`t Be In The Top Two. No Exceptions.


Covergirl Ads! You Will Be Creating A Fresh,Simple Advertisement For A SUMMER PRODUCT

From Covergirl. You Will Also Be Creating An Advertisement Script.

(What The Model Says During A TV Ad.)

Pretty Simple,Eh?

But,However,Your Poses Must Be TOP OF THE LINE.

Your Outfits Must Be TOP OF THE LINE.

Your Makeup Must Be TOP OF THE LINE.


For The Second Task,You`ll Be Writing A Text About

Why Winning EbonyModels Is So Important To You.Your Text Doesn`t

Have To Be Perfect,Just Unique And Readable.


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