Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eliminations + Task 5

Was I Disappointed? Yes.Definitely. 3 Girls Did NOT Complete Their Task.

Challenge Winner : .pease. With Decades.
Runner Up : GimmeBirger With Fallen Angel.


tigre89 - This Is The First Time You Have Not Done A Challenge,And The First Time You Are In The Bottom.Last Challenge,You Sent Me A Message Clarifying That You Were Encountering Problems,So I Am Letting You Stay This Round.Next Time Around,I Will Not Be So Tolerant However.

iSeeme - Are You Taking A Break From Stardoll? Are You Encountering Problems? That`s It.I Don`t Know.Your Presentation Clearly States You Have Not Been Online Lately,So I`m Letting It Pass This Time.Next Time,Please Send Me A Message.

XxLolaBoaXx - I Sent You A Message,You Responded.This Means That Your Challenge Scenery Should Be Done,But It Isn`t.This Is The Kind Of Thing That Shows Me That You `Forgot` About The Task.

ELIMINEE - XxLolaBoaXx : You Have Been Doing Great,But Lately,You`ve Been Slacking A Little.This Is Not The Right Time To Slack,And I Know You Have What It Takes.Please Come Back Better Than Ever Next Cycle.



Top Seven Already! This Round,I Am Going To Eliminate TWO Girls.Don`t Slack,Do Your Very Best,Because Two Of You Will Be Going Back To Your Suites Next Week.

This Task Consists Of Creating An Advertisement For YOUR OWN DESIGNER BRAND.You Are Asked To Create A Brand,And Provide Me With 1-2 Looks.In Your Description,You Must Tell Me : The Name Of Your Brand,What Your Brand Is (Hair Products,Makeup,Clothing,Jeans,Perfume,Etc.) And A Brand Slogan (Example : Ebony Jeans,Always And Forever Beautiful.)

REMEMBER : You Make Up Your Own Brand,And I Do Not Want To See This,For Example : Phanel Haute Couture,By Yarl Tegerfeld. I Want To See Your IMAGINATION.

DEADLINE : March 20th 2010.

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