Sunday, February 21, 2010


All Of You Did Greatly During This Task,So Here Are The Results.

NOTICE - .pease. & tigre89 Faced Personal Problems This Challenge,And Were Not Able To Compete.Neither Will Be Eliminated.

TASK WINNERS - countrygurl102 & Aharper1243 With Their Fantastic Account,TheEbonyModel.

MIDDLE - GimmeBirger & iSeeme With Elyica

BOTTOM - Sweet_gal11 & XxLolaBoaXx With PinkIsGlamour


NO ONE! This Task,Everyone Did Equally,So Why Eliminate?

TASK FIVE - Each Of You Girls Will Be Given A Particular Store In StarPlaza.
Portray The Store Using At Least One Item From That Store In A Scenery.

Aharper1243 - Stardoll
tigre89 - Bisou
countrygurl102 - Evil Panda
.pease. - Decades
Sweet_gal11 - Tingeling
GimmeBirger - Fallen Angel
XxLolaBoaXx - Pretty In Pink
iSeeme - Folk

Good Luck Girls!

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