Sunday, February 7, 2010

CH.4 + Eliminations


Task Winner :.pease.
Runner Up : countrygurl102
Bottom Three :
-ValkyrieCain77 : Challenge Not Done
-Aharper1234 : Challenge Not Done
-iSeeme : Challenge Not Done
Eliminee :

ValkyrieCain77 : I`m So Sorry I Had To Do This Solstice,But I Picked You Because You Had Already Had Quite A Few Tries At ENTM,And I Want To Give The Chance To Someone Else.Keep On Working Hard,I Know You Can Achieve Your Goals! I Wish You The Greatest Of Luck!

Remaining Girls :



Challenge 4 :
Since You Are The Top Eight,And Eight Is An Even Number,This Task Will Be Done In Pairs.(*Gasp!*)
This Has NEVER Been Done Before,But I`m All About New Things.;]
You Ask,What Will We Do In Pairs? You Will Both Collaborate In The Making
Of A Brand New Stardoll Account! You Girls Will Decorate Her/Him Suite,Dress Him/Her,
Rules :
-Post The New Account`s Username In The Topic Labeled CH.4 + Eliminations In EbonyModels.
-You Have A Week To Spend The Account`s 45 SD On Clothing And Furniture.
-Work TOGETHER.Meaning,Add Each Other,Message Each Other.
Why We Are Doing This :
To Maximize Collaboration Skills For Later SNTMs,Jobs,Magazines,Etc.
The Pairs Are :
tigre89 + .pease.
iSeeme + GimmeBirger
Sweet_gal11 + XxLolaBoaXx
countrygurl102 + Aharper1243

The Best Of Luck Girls! :D

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