Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your Opinion: EBONY Magazine?

Hello Ladies & Gents!
So,I Have Been Secretly Plotting This Little Gem For Quite A While In My Mind.
Thinking It Over,I Had No Way To Be Sure Wether Or Not It Would Work.
Main Issue? Graphic Design. I Suck At Graphics, And That Market On Stardoll Is Limited.
I Would Actually Have To Pay Someone To Do The Work.
But I Have,As A Matter Of Fact,Decided To Give EBONY Magazine A Shot:
I Would Do Everything Editorial And Directive,Such As Looking Over The Entries
For The Magazine,Correcting Certain Texts,Deleting Some Articles.
What Really Pushed Me To Try This Out Is The Fact That Practically NO Magazines
Are Publishing At The Moment,And I Wanted To Change That With One Hell Of A Debut Issue.
I Would Make The Club,Start Hiring,Etc,The Moment I Become SS.
These Are My Job Options:
- Graphic Designers (3) -10 SD Or More + One Or More Gifts Per Issue.
-Writers : ? SD Per Issue.
*Fashion (1)
*Makeup (1)
*Interviews/Woman/Man Of The Moment (1)
*Suite Decor(1)

And The BIG Spot : Co-Editor/Owner.Basically,This Man/Woman Would Do Everything Editorial Along With Me,And Would Also Help Choose Models,Writers And Graphic Designers.He/She Would Also Help With The Content.Application Will Soon Be Posted In My Starblog.

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